DCU ULA condemns new constitution

March 24, 2011

The new DCUSU constitution has been adopted, with 70% of voters voting yes.Whilst DCU ULA recognise that the student body have voted, and have made a decision, we will fight to restore the democratic balance and the place of equality in our university from tomorrow.

DCUSU- which is a Students’ Union (every student pays into it through registration fees)- may claim to represent all of the student body, but we believe it has sullied this claim by campaigning for a yes vote. Regardless of whether the Constitution was drafted by DCUSU or not, the fact that they saw fit to take a stance on such a divisive issue is still breathtaking.

The no side in this campaign have been accused of spreading lies- in fact it is the Students’ Union who have misrepresented the truth. The entire campaign was fought on the grounds that the new constitution is better than the old one. Everyone agrees that a new constitution is needed, and no one on the no side argued that the old constitution was acceptable. We see the need for a new constitution, but would argue that the new constitution adopted today is fundamentally flawed.

The kind of reactive campaigning (we refer to the posters put up on Tuesday, reassuring students about the role of equality officer) employed in the latter stages of the campaign by the Students’ Union meant that the no side were always in for a tough fight. Having posters taken down because they weren’t stamped by the SU (despite there being no stamps on SU posters- because it was an official SU campaign) was a further blow.

The reduction in the number of class representatives and the number of general meetings are worrying developments indeed for democracy in DCU. We will fight to regain a genuinely representative democracy, and we must also fight to establish a new equality officer role.

DCU ULA will begin the fight to amend the constitution, and we hope that you will join us.